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Grumpy thanks to rewrites...

I'm sleepy right now and I'm trying to make sentences work. But I would like to post before bed, since it's still Wednesday to me. This week has been another week of work and rewrites, it's all starting to blur together a little. Or a lot. We're getting super close to Halloween, that's the only reason I have any concept of time. I'm pretty sure that I'm going as a fairy, if it's not freezing cold and I actually find something to do. This remains to be seen.

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I have nothing else to add, so here is a list of people that I hate.

1. People who open the door that I'm trying to wipe the glass down on. There are two, go around.

2. People who continue to mispronounce your name after the sixth or seventh correction. Now you're just being a jackass.

3. People who speak to me before coffee. This is a temporary thing, but oh,will I despise you for doing it.

4. People who make janitor jokes while I'm working. I will jam this mop handle into your eye socket. Test me, bro.

5. People who never have anything to say but will not shut up. Stop talking. Seriously, I don't give a shit.

6. Whoever thought that rebooting The Crow was a good idea. BRANDON LEE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR THAT MOVIE AND YOU WILL NOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HIM.

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