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Increasing Yields of your Medical Marijuana Crop

You can increase the yield of your medical marijuana garden in a number of ways.

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1. While the plants are still relatively new, pinch back or trim the sprouting shoots. This forces strong growing shoots to develop on each plant, and usually results in large, healthy marijuana plants.

1. Place enough big pots (around 5 gallon size) to fill your garden plot. Several plants should be started in each pot, but the seedlings should be thinned during the course of 6-8 weeks, until only one plant is left in each pot. After 4 or 5 weeks have passed since planting, pinch back your plants until they are all around the same height. Snip the sprout at around the 4th internode.

A sturdy stem will develop on each plant, and that stem will support between four and eight growing stems, increasing the yield of your medical marijuana ; it won't be long before any vacant garden space is filled. The entire garden is handled like a hedge. Once a couple of months have passed, you can trim the spouting shoots again to have plants of the same height.

Take out the male plants once they start to release pollen (or prior to the male flowers opening for sinsemilla). This allows for additional space the females need for development. By the time the females flower, they will have been cut back two to three times, maybe more, and make a thick growth of growing shoots that populates the garden with a cubic layer of flowers. There are growers who will maintain their plants for a year before harvesting for the final time.


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