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New Zealand is for Adventure Lovers

Although in the shadow of it's neighbor, Australia, New Zealand is a world apart from anything you may experience elsewhere. A former British colony, with indigenous influences permeating the culture because of it's proximity to the Polynesian islands and it's Maori heritage, New Zealand offers some of the most diverse tourist experiences in the world. Year after year, the green rolling meadows; easily accessible geysers; guided glacier walks; and unending stretches of incredible beaches tempt many tourists to travel across oceans to soak up New Zealands natural beauty.

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Discovered around 800AD by Kupe, the landmass known as New Zealand was one of the last to be settled. A steady influx of migration from the time of Captain James Cook has seen this island nation grow. The indigenous Maori are a minority but have had a tremendous enriching influence on life in New Zealand.

New Zealand is divided into two main islands, North Island and South Island. The season and destination will dictate what wonders you are exposed to. Both islands offer all manner of extreme sports, including the New Zealand invention bungee jumping.

South Island is renowned for the relics from the last Ice Age; the Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers that rise to just below majestic Mount Cook, the tallest peak in the Southern Alps. These valley glaciers are unique in that, when the worlds glaciers are retreating, these continue to flow. Moving steadily toward sea level, these spectacular glaciers flow at a rate that is about ten times faster than other valley glaciers. Winter in the Southern Alps provides an excellent opportunity to participate in skiing, filmmaking and mountaineering. Some scenes filmed for The Chronicles of Narnia we're shot here. South Islands Otago Peninsula let's you experience cozy accommodations in the midst of seal, sea lion, penguin and sea elephant habitat.

North Island has a milder climate and a warmer summer than South Island. A trip to the legendary Lake Taupo, a 660 square meter lake formed by a volcanic explosion, will fill you with awe. Black water rafting, or cave rafting, as it is sometimes known as, is popular on the west coast. A black water rafting experience, especially a tour through the Ruakuri Cave, will give you an adrenaline rush that you will always remember. If you are not seeking that much of an adventure, make your way to Ninety Mile Beach located at the far north end of North Island. The origin of it's name is not known but the beach takes in 55 breathtaking miles of coastline, including the stunning northern dunes. To the east, Great Barrier Island offers a unique and wondrous underwater world for scuba divers to explore. It also gives you the opportunity to bask in the Kaitoke hot springs, commune with nature in the Glenfern Sanctuary, or just take in the sensational sight of Mount Hobson rising majestically above this barrier island.

A four-season destination, New Zealand is filled with enough activities and city life to whet your appetite for more. Wellington, Queenstown and Auckland all appeal to the spirited, youthful and adventurous tourists. The culture and spirit of New Zealand surrounds you even in the urban areas. Is New Zealand worth visiting? The only answer is a resounding YES!

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