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Although you can solo a lot of things in WoW, most people find the...

Although you can solo a lot of things in WoW, most people find the "multiplayer" part of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) to be the funnest part. Unfortunately, some people don't know how to behave nicely online, regardless of their age or background. And even if you've played other MMOGs, WoW is still a sub-culture all it's own. You need to know how to be a good WoW player if you want to be invited back to groups, get into a guild, and generally have a funner time in the game.

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Here are some good social guidelines to follow whenever you play WoW:

Speak well

Use completely sentences and spell words correctly. Unless you're with people you know well, don't use "txt-speak" when you type. Most importantly: don't use curse words. You never know if you're playing against a 10-year-old whose mother is sitting beside him ready to report you to the Game Masters.

Learn WoW's terminology

Start with our article on WoW abbreviations. Don't be afraid to ask people what they mean; most people are quite nice and are flattered when they are asked for advice. (If someone calls you a noob/nub, just turn and walk away. They are not going to be nice to you.)

Don't yell

If you type "/yell" in chat, whatever you type after that will be broadcast across the entire area where you are. It's really annoying. People will even put you on Ignore if you continue to do it. Know that there are more appropriate ways to get your message to the right people. If you want to sell something, use Trade Chat. If you want to join a group, use /LFG. If you want to ask for quest help, just use "/say" near any town's bank.

Don't leave people in the lurch

If you join a group to run a dungeon, make sure you have 1 1.5 hours to devote to finishing it. Otherwise, at the very beginning, let the group know you need to leave early. It's extremely rude to leave an instance in the middle. You leave everyone in the lurch and they will probably wipe (all die) without you.

Roll "Need" only on items that are upgrades

If you're in a group, make sure you discuss how loot will be rolled on before you get to an instance boss. Typical rules are that everyone can roll on green items, but blue items should be "Needed" only by those who can benefit from them. (For example, a warrior should roll Greed on a blue-level cloth robe, but the Mage and Priest can roll Need.) Doing otherwise will get you branded as a "ninja" and it will be very hard to make friends that way.

If you need more help, sign up for our new eCourse! Of course, simply following the rules of everyday life are a good guideline, no matter where you are. Especially remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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10 World of Warcraft abbreviations you need to know

If you're a new player who just started playing World of Warcraft, you've probably seen a lot of abbreviations in chat that you might not understand. (Obviously, I'm not talking about common ones like LOL or OMG.) There are some terms that are unique to WoW and sometimes asking what they mean can be embarrassing. No problem, I learned a lot about WoW the hard way and I enjoy helping new folks. Read on for your personal decoder ring!

3 simple tips for reaching level 80 faster

Getting to level 80 is a grind; no one's going to argue with that. It took me almost two years to level my first World of Warcraft character to 80 just so I couldsee the Wrath of the Lich King content. It took so long that I thought I might never level another character again! Fortunately, along the way, I picked up some really simple ways to level faster. And this time I was able to get to level 76 in a matter of days, not weeks, of in-game time.

Switching factions over new Druid forms?

Blizzard recently announced that they are going to refine the artwork for cat and bear Druid forms for both Tauren and Night Elves. Big Bear Butt has posted some pictures with his comments on the proposed artwork. I have always thought that the Night Elves got the better deal on the current artwork but the new skins make the Tauren look really cool now.

WoW questing the problem of redundancy

Don't you hate it when you're questing in World of Warcraft, grooving along and killing some Gnolls, only to go back to the quest giver and realize that you needed something else from those same mobs? Or maybe you saw another quest in your log that wanted you to kill some nearby Zhevras and now you have to run all the way back to where you had already been.

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