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It was a little over six years ago when we first started the licensing...

It was a little over six years ago when we first started the licensing process. I remember being so nervous about the home study. What questions would they ask? What information would they need? What exactly will they be looking for in our home?

The process was intrusive yes, but that's expected considering the role we are to hold in these children's lives.

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It was a bright-eyed smiling lady in her mid twenties who we greeted at the door. She introduced herself as we found a comfortable place to settle in for what was expected to be a four hour process. She separated us, starting with Hubby as I tried to keep myself and the kiddos occupied out of sight until they concluded. Next me. I tend to be a worrier anyhow and well with a childhood like mine, I just hoped she wouldn't have her DENIED stamp in hand. Thankfully, there wasn't a big red DENIED stamped across our home study. We we're approved and well six years later the home study was a faded memory. Until this week I couldn't remember exactly what questions she asked but I've often described the home study process being like someone going through your underwear drawer. Up close and extremely personal.

Fast-forward six years. My phone rings, our home worker on the other end letting me know that we need to do a home study update. These are usually done when you switch agencies or when you are about to adopt your foster child.

As I tried to remember exactly what the home study process include I couldn't quite recall the questions.

He's worked with us for nearly three years so he knows our home and us quite well anyhow. When he arrived we settled the kiddos and made our way to through the long list of questions. He asked about our citizenship as well as residence for the past ten years. Other questions included information about our employment, annual salary, budget, life and health insurance. Then as he asked the following questions which brought back memories from our initial home study interview.

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